PermissionLESS Manifesto

I dare you...
Stop asking for permission.
I challenge you, you crazy creative or entrepreneur, to be bold. To take risks. To listen to your gut and remember that you have the ability to accomplish anything you put your heart and mind to.
I challenge you to be strong in the face of adversity and hardships, and to keep pushing when the future looks unclear. To be adaptable. To build businesses, lives and relationships that set your soul ablaze.
I challenge you to ignite the entrepreneur in you, or nourish the existing one. To say yes to yourself, and know that you can achieve your goals. You will demolish the imaginary barriers keeping you from reaching your highest potential.
I challenge you to live with fearlessness and confidence.
To make it appear effortless.
I challenge you to live Permissionless.

I always love a good challenge.